Email List Overhaul

Email List Overhaul

Challenge: Increase opens and click throughs by customizing content


Sally’s email list size is highly enviable – It’s 400,000 users and growing.

One of my main areas of concentration was managing and optimizing this list using InfusionSoft, a leading CRM for small businesses, from customer acquisition to repeat sales.

Project Scope:

  • Nurture sequences for new customers
  • Weekly broadcasts to drive blog traffic
  • Sales funnels for digital products and books

What I found to be interesting is when we started looking at the behavior (opens, click throughs, and most importantly, purchases) is that patterns emerged based on Sally’s communication assessment, the Fascination Advantage.

We then used this data to target market and segment the list to promote purchasing and engagement.

For example, we instituted nurture sequences that touched on the exact pain points of the recipient based on their personality. (For example, some personalities respond better to new, bold ideas while others yearn for stability and specificity.) We were able to customize content based on assessment results to deliver content that was highly relevant and personal.

Results and Findings:

  • Communication patterns dictate user email behavior.
  • Target marketing pays off: Sally’s book, How the World Sees You, was ranked #2 on the New York Times’ Best-Seller List. Additional accolades include #1 Wall Street Journal Best-Seller, Top Pick, and Editor’s Pick.
  • Quarterly digital sales increased up to 60% year over year.
  • Data tells a story. By analyzing our own data, we were able to create a framework to better serve our customers.
Client name
Sally Hogshead
Project Management, Email Campaign Management