Book Launch Remixed

Book Launch Remixed

Challenge: Launch a successful book without cheesy sales techniques


In gearing up for the book release of How the World Sees You, we wanted to spread a simple message with a “pay it forward” vibe that reflected a core lesson of the book:

The greatest gift you can give is to show someone their highest value.

We gave the movement a name – Project Fascination – and set an aggressive goal of showing 100,000 participants their highest value. We used Sally’s Fascination Advantage® Assessment as an engagement and enlightenment tool.

Our team figured out how users could generate their own free assessment codes and share it with their network, and issued the codes for a limited time to drive urgency. We provided blog, social media, and email templates to make sharing easy and fun. We even had a downloadable packet filled with colorful illustrations and instructions, and kicked off the campaign with a online book club webinar that was attended by over 1,500 people.

Results and Findings:

  • To start a movement using social media, you have to make content that’s easy as possible to share.
  • You have to target people who are WILLING and ABLE to share. For instance, heart-based entrepreneurs were more likely to share (rather than those in traditional corporate roles) because they control their own workflow and often prioritize having a sizable, content-driven social media network.
  • We reached our goal of showing 100,000 people who they are, at their best via the assessment. Even better? Many of these users were our biggest advocates during the book launch, and undoubtedly contributed to the book’s success.
  • Ironically, even though we gave away free assessments, our online assessment sales increased as well.
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Sally Hogshead
Project Management, Book Launch Management